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WASSUP 2020 ?


COMICBOOK: CYAN, november 1988


Some words to introduce CYAN. I wrote and drew this comicbook long time ago. I think I started around 2007 as a side project. At the very beginning, my goal was not to make a comicbook at all. (I am not a comicbook artist) but to write a small pitch to develop the universe of CYAN, I mean more like a visual support to help my pitch. But after a while, it seemed interesting to make a comicbook, play with my characters and see what happens. Than I got caught up in it and I tried to deliver the first part of the strory. He took me years to complete. I never worked full time on it. I fixed the last page in 2014. General speaking, my objective was to challenge myself and see what kind of cool things I will learn. After the first book completed, I put CYAN in a folder I locked to start new projects. For the process, I used photoshop and I developped a couple of brushes to stay consistant. My style and my way to work was so different than today. Well already 13 years passed. But here we go 2020 and this COVID-19 who force us to stay home, watch stuff, read books and keep us busy etc. To me it's time, as a positive resolution, to unlocked my folder and to share this ''CYAN spore'' for free and for everybody. I hope you will appreciate it. Please, share it, send me your feedbacks and ENJOY!



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