SÉBASTIEN LARROUDE is an international senior concept designer, author and art director. He originates from South of France where he studied Fine Art and Photography. From a very young age, Sébastien exhibited an enthusiastic interest in the natural sciences that have strongly influenced him throughout his personal and professional career. His fascination for biodiversity, environment, and nature in general, are at the origin of his multiple creative passions.


Sébastien made his first weapons in a French architecture agency specializing in industrial architecture before moving to Canada where he has worked for 15 years in the entertainment industry, on movies and video games titles such as Myst IV Revelation, Assassin's Creed, DeusEx HR, Thief, Tron Legacy, X-men, Godzilla... At the same time, he co-founded Steambot Studios in 2006, a creative agency that provides visual content and develops intellectual properties.


In 2018, after 12 years of creative passions dedicated to Steambot, Sébastien turn a full page to take a new start and join Bethesda studios I ZeniMax. He also released recently two personal artbooks: PARALLEL (2017) and SORORITY (2020).


Concept Art     Design Thinking     Art Direction     Writing     Industrial Design     Architecture     Art Management    IP's dev



Myst IV revelation, Assassin's creed, Wet, Indiana Jones,  Deus EX HR,  Tron legacy,  Thief,  Godzilla, Poltergeist, Defiance, 

X-men: days of future past, Dominion, Star Citizen, Genesis of Urbance... NEW PROJECTS ARE COMING SOON!

Artbooks + Dvd + Novel

Exodyssey: visual development of an epic adventure . Spark: steampainting . Genesis of Urbance . Parallel: altered reality

Godzilla . Thief . Batman

From speedpainting to mattepainting [2D/3D production pipeline] - DVD by The Ganomon Workshop

Objets trouvés (Novel):''Sur la crête'' (Writer).


Adapt . MassiveBlack . Steambot Explore . Steambot Master Class . Behind the iron curtain . Huma Design architecture . Monterrey tech school . ETS superior school of tehnology . Uqam . Art & Tech conferences.

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